About Us

Red Bone Services started operations in Elk City Oklahoma in 2007.  We have expanded our operations to include locations in New Philadelphia Ohio, Towanda  Pennsylvania and our newest location in the  Midland/Odessa Texas area.  Red Bone is committed to being an industry leader when it comes to your Fishing, Thru Tubing Specialty Tools and completion needs. Our employees are committed to safety and innovation to fulfill our Customers needs, expectations, and trust in delivering a cost effective solution.

Our Vision

We strive to be the best Service Provider in Regions where we work. Providing Open/Cased hole Fishing Rental/Thru Tubing/Slickline/Completion services. Being the best doesn’t always mean being the biggest but, it does mean being the best in our field when it comes to value for our Customers. With the most experienced team of innovative employees striving to be the most cost efficient and safest in the Oil and Gas industry.
  • State of art tools and employees to meet customer demands
    • Capability to cover your needs with over 90% of any connection in the Oil and Gas industry
    • Tools consist of crossovers subs, catch tools, carbide mills and fishing jars.
    • Oklahoma’s largest computerized breakout machine with makeup and breakout capacity of 200K ft lbs of torque with an open top and continuous rotating head.
  • Our Team is one of the most experienced in the industry with over 700 combined years of Oilfield experience.
    • Open Hole Fishing, 170 years of experience
    • Cased Hole Fishing, 270 years of experience
    • Thru Tubing processes, 115 years of experience
  • When a specialty Fishing tool is needed
    • Our design Team is experienced and capable of planning the most effective job setup to get the job completed in the most cost efficient manner.
    • Our Rental tool Management system allows us to be ready to go at moment’s notice