Redbone LLC

Our History

Red Bone Services started operations in Elk City Oklahoma in 2007, with Locations in New Philadelphia, Ohio and Towanda, Pennsylvania.

  • Capability to cover your needs with over 90% of any connection in the Oil and Gas industry.
  • Tools consist of crossovers subs, catch tools, carbide mills, fishing jars, along with Oklahoma’s largest computerized breakout machine. It has a makeup capacity of 200K ft lbs of torque and breakout capacity of 200K ft lbs of torque, with an open top and a continuous rotating head.
  • Our design TEAM are the most experienced in the industry with over 300 years of combined experience.
  • Our Rental tool Management system allows us to be ready to go at moment’s notice.
  • Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of shale plays throughout Texas and Oklahoma to fulfill your needs.