Thru Tubing Services

Red Bone Services uses a drill out process that is designed to use Coil Tubing taking advantage of our complete line of Thru Tubing Tools. Our tools consist of Thru Tubing Motors, Motor head assemblies, Jars, Agitators and, sealed Bearing Rock Bits. We have an experienced team of shop hands that are certified to rebuild and, test our Motors on our state of the art Dyno. Every Motor has documentation of its Dyno run so our on-site Supervisors have no question of each Motors condition. Our Supervisors have extensive knowledge of shale plays throughout Texas and Oklahoma to fulfill your needs. They are capable to handle Coil Tubing, Workover Rig applications, Milling, Cleanout runs, Horizontal Toe Preparation, Coil Tubing Rescue Services, Tubing Conveyed Perforating, and Thru Tubing Fishing Tools. All Carbide work on our mills, shoes, and specialty tools is completed in house by our expert Carbide/Kutrite hands. Our tools consist of: add Venturi Junk basket, Jetting tool designed for use with 2 3/8 and 2 7/8 PH6 and, Hydraulic setting tool series 10 and 20